Mold Damage

mold remediationDid you know that it takes as little as 48 hours before mold and mildew starts to grow? And once it has taken root, it will rapidly begin to spread. As well as devaluing your home, mold can cause different types of  health issues, and some types of mold will eventually become toxic – risking the long-term health of your family and pets. So when you experience mold and mildew in your home or office, you need to call WDRS, the number 1  mold remediation experts in Scottsdale.

Complete Mold Remediation

Our experienced technicians have been serving homes and businesses in Scottsdale and the surrounding area for many years, and when you call us you can be assured that your mold and mildew problems will be resolved at the first time of asking.

You don’t necessarily have had to have some kind of visible flooding to experience mold in your premises. Mold can grow anywhere there is excessive moisture. When we come to your home or office our technicians will carry out a thorough examination and will analyze the problem so that we can offer you a step-by-step and detailed plan on how we will carry out the remediation. We won’t take shortcuts, and will completely all of the mold and mildew from your home or office.

Mold remediation is not something we suggest you try and carry out yourself. Not only is there a chance that you might not completely remove the mold, but you may actually end up in spreading the mold spores and you end up being in a worse position than before you started. So do yourself a favor, and if you suspect your building has mold and/or mildew problems, call us at (480) 800-8958 today, and we’ll send an expert to investigate the extent of the problem.